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CFX Cotton Inserter

The CFX Cotton Inserter is a highly cost effective way to insert strips of cotton into a variety of bottles and containers. With it’s one of a kind software, the CFX is capable of center folding the cotton strip without any mechanical changes to the machine. This allows for instant product size change over and minimal experience or training to operate the machine.

Set up is simple and the entire system mounted to a mobile stand can be moved from line to line. The CFX comes with a electronic telescoping column which allows for easy bottle change over when the bottles are different heights.

The CFX requires only a small 24 inch section of the packaging line, maximizing the space for other machinery. The CFX is designed to run in any three shift operation alleviating the need for manual labor.

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CFX Cotton Inserter with reject station

CFX Cotton Inserter with timing screw


Model: CFX Cotton Inserter

CFX-80  - 80 Bottles per minute

CFX-130   - 130 Bottles Per minute

      (No Product Tearing, Clean Cut Design)

Operating Requirements:

                                    Up to 130 ppm (CFX-130)

Note: CFX-80 and CFX-130 both share the same dimensional characteristics.