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PD2XLE-DH Dual Head Pouch Inserter

The PD2XLE-DH Dual Head Pouch Dispenser is a highly cost effective way to insert small pouches into a large variety of bottles and containers. It can be used for Desiccants, oxygen absorbers, Sensormatic Security Strips, and a wide variety of other products. With it’s dual head, single platform Design, the unit can easily squeeze into a tight envelope. This design is particularly useful on bottling lines where the tablet filler is already split into two lanes.  The unit is also available with an ethernet connection to easily integrate with a master control system.  The PD2XLE also comes with a full color touch screen HMI that allows for easy operation. The HMI can also offer useful help menus that can describe the different settings allowing for easy setup without having to refer to a manual.

This unit is fully enclosed allowing for nitrogen or other gas purging.  It is also available with a humidity monitoring system that ensures the integrity of the desiccant spool.

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PD2XLE-DH dual head dispensing desiccant packs (in-line, 2 pouches per bottle)


Model: PD2XLE-DH Dual Head Pouch Inserter

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