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Cotton Coil

Coiled Cotton
Cotton Strip

Cotton / Rayon Coil

Our Cotton Coil is composed of 100% bleached, absorbent cotton. The cotton fibers are selected for cleanliness and are designed to give superior performance in packaging pharmaceutical products.  Combined with our cotton inserting equipment, the cotton can automatically be inserted into a variety of containers.

The Coil is available in both natural cotton and rayon to suit any need.

Cotton Characteristics:
●    Natural Fiber
●    Cuts easily
●    Moisture content is NMT 8.0%
●    Creates a dry environment inside the bottle
●    Most commonly used in the bottling of tablets and capsules
●    biodegradable

Rayon Characteristics:
●    100% absorbent rayon fibers
●    Man-made fiber (cellulose)
●    Uniform fiber length
●    Cuts or tears easily
●    Moisture content is NMT 11%
●    Most commonly used in the bottling of tablets
●    Biodegradable

●    Cotton: 18 or 22 lbs/case
●    Rayon: 18 or 22 lbs/case

●    Produced in a ISO 9000:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certified facility

Ideal for use with our CFX Cotton Inserters

Cotton Dispenser
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