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Single Head Scavenger Inserter

Desiccant Inserters | Pouch Dispensers | Oxygen Absorber Dispensers


These units are ideally suited for use with vacuum packed master bag machines found in case ready packaging.  

Use for Oxygen Scavengers

Oxygen Scavenger Inserter
Dual Head Pouch Dispenser
(Right to left configuration shown)

45 CPM

*Affected by pouch length and 

other factors


  • Drive Motors:

    • 34 Frame Stepper Geared Drive

  • Multi-directional drop tube

  • Controls:

    • Panasonic Controls

    • Special Program Options

    • Recipes

  • Unwind:

    • Enclosed

    • Nitrogen Purged

    • Oxygen Monitored

  • Knife:

    • Standard Spring Loaded Pneumatic Guillotine

    • Titanium Coated Blades​

  • Adjustable Height

  • Expanding Air Shaft for quick roll changes

PD2XLDE-RC scavenger inserter on a
vacuum pack master bag machine
PD2XLDE-RC-MS-1001 dim.png
Standard Machine Dimensions
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