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Open Frame Guillotine Knives

Guillotine Knives

Guillotine Knife Assembly

Cut your Flexible Material Down to Size

Can Cut: paper, plastic films, foils, labels, thin gauge metals, foams, etc.
Available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations
Engineered to your needs
Hardened and Precision Ground Blades and Guide Shafts
Pneumatically Actuated

Unique Dual Shaft Design makes this assembly capable of operating in the most demanding applications.


Guillotine Knife Assembly
Compact Design 
Guillotine Knife Assembly
Heavy Duty Design 

Made to your exact specifications

tape measure.jpg
Guillotine Knife Assembly

Add to your existing equipment or allow us to design a system to fit your needs!

●    Magnetic Position Sensors
●    Rake and Bevel Angles can be modified
●    Blades can be made of a variety of metals including carbide tipped
●    A Pneumatic Clamp can be added to hold the material in the proper cutting position
●    All standard anodizing colors available
●    Can be customized to fit your requirements
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