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Oxygen Absorbers / Scavengers


Oxygen is essential to life for every living thing on our planet, however in certain situations it can do more harm than good. When oxygen will cause food, metal or other items to deteriorate, oxygen absorbers provide a valuable solution. Oxygen absorbers help to prevent the growth and proliferation of bacteria, mold and mildew. 
We supply oxygen absorbing packets and strips that are designed to eliminate oxygen from inside packaged environments. The scavengers are capable of absorbing anywhere from 15cc to 1000cc of oxygen, thereby safeguarding products from undesirable effects such as color and/or taste change. They can also reduce the need for additives, gas flushing and vacuum packing which creates a tremendous cost savings to our customers that can be passed along to their own customers or the end user.

Available in Iron Free!

Iron-free Scavenger

Oxygen Absorbers are safe and effective for: 


  • Baked Goods

  • Rice, grain, noodles, pasta, seeds, pet foods, & nuts

  • Dried fruits & vegetables

  • Spices, seasonings & herbs

  • Coffee, Tea & Cocoa

  • Processed & dried meats

  • Pharmaceuticals & vitamins

  • Diagnostic Kits & devices 

By using oxygen absorbers, you can expect the following advantages: 


  • Better shelf life for your food products.

  • Helps retain flavors of roasted foodstuffs such as coffee, grains and nuts.

  • Averts the growth of bacteria, mold, and aerobic pathogens among others

  • Helps prevent oxidation of vitamins such as A, C and E.

  • Helps to keep textures and flavors of food items intact in food storage.

  • Useful in retaining flavors of delicate items like cheeses and other fermented dairy products

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