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Pouch Inserters

Desiccant Inserters | Pouch Dispensers | Oxygen Absorber Dispensers


These units are ideally suited for use in bottling lines, over-wrapping machines, vertical/horizontal bag forming machines, hopper dispensing, etc. 

Use for Desiccants, Oxygen Absorbers, Condiments and More

Enclosed Pouch Inserter
High Speed
Pouch Dispenser

200 CPM

*Affected by pouch length and 

other factors

Available Options:

  • Motor Options:

    • Dual 23 Frame Stepper Drive 

    • 34 Frame Stepper Belt Drive

    • Servo Drive Package

  • Indexing Options:

    • Timing Screw Indexer

    • Gating System

  • Control Options:

    • Panasonic Controls

    • Allen-Bradley

    • Special Program Options

    • Recipes

  • Unwind Options:

    • Fully Enclosed in Nitrogen Purge-able Cabinet

    • Humidity Monitor

    • Oxygen Monitor

    • Low Product Monitor

  • Knife Options:

    • Standard Spring Loaded Pneumatic Guillotine

    • Magnetic Pneumatic Guillotine

    • Heavy Duty Knife

Desiccant Inserter for Vacuum former
Optional multi-lane shuttle attachment 
Enclosed Pouch Inserter
Standard Machine Dimensions
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