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Dual Head Scavenger Inserter

Desiccant Inserters | Pouch Dispensers | Oxygen Absorber Dispensers


These units are ideally suited for use with over-wrapping master bag machines found in case ready packaging.  

Use for Oxygen Scavengers

Dual Head Scavenger Inserter
Dual Head Pouch Dispenser
(Right to left configuration shown)

45 CPM

*Affected by pouch length and 

other factors


  • Drive Motors:

    • 34 Frame Stepper Geared Drive

  • Indexing:

    • Conveyor belt with flights

  • Controls:

    • Panasonic Controls

    • Special Program Options

    • Recipes

  • Dual Unwinds:

    • Enclosed

    • Nitrogen Purged

    • Oxygen Monitored

  • Knife:

    • Standard Spring Loaded Pneumatic Guillotine

    • Titanium Coated Blades

  • Available in Left to Right and Right to Left Configurations

  • Built in Transport Conveyor to carry the Scavengers into close proximity of the master bag film

  • Two Heads to keep your line running during roll change-over

  • Motorized Height Adjustment


Master Bagger
PD2XLDE-DH scavenger inserter on a master bag machine
Scavenger Inserter
Standard Machine Dimensions
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